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What is nail surgery?


Nail surgery is a minor procedure, conducted under local anesthetic, to relieve painful or infected toenails. We may remove one or two sections from either side of the nail or sometimes the whole nail. We then use a treatment to stop the offending nail from regrowing.

Why should I have nail surgery?

Ingrown, thickened, distorted or fungal nails may give rise to pain and infection. Conservative treatment in a routine clinic may relieve symptoms for a while but they mostly recur once the nail regrows. Nail surgery generally provides a permanent solution.

Is there an alternative to nail surgery?

Routine treatment such as cutting the nail back may help short term. Each patient differs and we will always aim to alleviate pain quickly. However sometimes patients present with such chronic infected nails that surgery is the only safe option.

Where do we do Nail Surgery?

All our practitioners are state registered Podiatrists, holding a BSc (Hons) Degree in Podiatric Medicine. The title “Podiatrist” is not protected in the ROI. CORU is Ireland’s multi-professional health regulator. CORUs role is to protect the public by promoting high standards of professional conduct, education, training and competence. Podiatry is in the process of becoming a protected title. Until that time we cannot perform the procedures in the ROI. The Podiatrists who conduct the nail surgeries are UK trained and insured. As such we perform our surgeries in Newry. All of our follow up appointments are in our ROI clinics.

What happens during nail surgery?

The affected toe is injected with a local anesthetic to prevent you feeling any pain. Once the toe is numb the offending nail(s) is removed and a chemical (phenol) is applied to stop regrowth.  The toe will be heavily dressed and this will remain on and dry for 2-3 days.


Following nail surgery?

You must keep the dressing on and dry until we will see you again in our clinic in the ROI 2-3 days later and redress your toe. We will provide you with written instructions and the dressings required to follow them. Average healing time is 3-6 weeks. You can return to most work places within 24 hours and sporting activities when fully healed.

Is it guaranteed?

Regrowth occasionally occurs, however this is in less than 5% of cases. At Hayes and Associates we have carried out 1000s of successful procedures. Patient testimonials to our nail surgery abilities can be found on the Hayes & Associates website and on google reviews.