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PPL Biomechanics

PPL biomechanics (Podiatry Products Limited)

Biomechanical Footwear

Biomechanical Shoes

Biomechanical shoes combine extra width and extra depth with good biomechanical function.


  • Active Walkers
  • Accommodation of orthotic devices
  • Diabetic approved
  • Toe deformities
  • Bunions (HAV)

Biomechanical Features

  • Flexible Rocker bottom soles
  • For improved heel toe gait, and reduction of forefoot pressure
  • Lightweight, shock-absorbing, durable soles
  • Firm extended heel counters for stability

3 Styles (Unisex)

  • Black Lace Size 3-12 (35-46)
  • Taupe Lace Size 3-7 (35-41)
  • Black Velcro Strap Size 3-12 (35-46)

Comfort Features

  • Leather uppers, soft leather lined
  • No stitching around flexion points
  • Soft padded tongue and collar

Fitting Notes

There are 10mm depth of removable insoles. To achieve extra depth in shoes, simply remove the insole layers accordingly.