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New Feet Medical Footwear

The benefits of New Feet Footwear

New Feet Medical Footwear was developed for the treatment and comfort of people with sensitive or troublesome feet. They are the preferred choice for people with diabetes, arthritis, swollen feet, hammer toes, bunions, corns, wearing bandages and other foot conditions.

The most important features of the New Feet footwear are:

  • Extra space and skin-friendly.

New Feet footwear is made with added depth for extra toe room.
The footwear is designed with soft skin-friendly materials and seamless lining – to avoid any pressure or irritation from stitching.
It is important that the feet are not strained by pressure or inside stitching.
All our medical footwear is built with an extra-wide last with up to 40% more volume than ordinary footwear.

  • Stretch materials optional

We use stretch materials in many of our shoes i.e. Ortho- and MultiStretch, which gives extra expandable toe room and can easily adapt to the shape of the foot, depending on the problem.

  • Stable construction

The heel of the shoes are strengthened to give more stability to the wearer when walking and thus gives a more balanced walk and helps to prevent falls.
The heel caps are made of thermoplastic materials – and can be fitted correctly.
The shape of our outer soles gives you a more effortless walk.

  • Space for orthotics

All New Feet footwear can accommodate prescribed or customised orthotics.

  • Unsurpassed shock absorption

New Feet footwear have a removable biomechanical EnergySole® footbed, which gives unsurpassed shock absorption and all day comfort.
With every foot movement, the small muscles in the feet are activated, thus enhancing the blood circulation in the feet and legs and helps to prevent tiredness and strain in the legs and back.

  • Easy adjustments

All New Feet footwear are easy to customise with many adjustment possibilities.
The extra long velcro straps can be easily shortened.
Adjustments can be made to the soles of the shoes by an orthopaedic or qualified shoe maker to accommodate extra height etc.

  • Made in EU

New Feet footwear is manufactured in the EU and CE labelled, thus ensuring that all materials used in the inside of the shoes including leathers, insoles and lining materials have been tested for pureness and absence of heavy metals.