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Health and design for your feet

Alviflex is a Spanish company dedicated to designing and manufacturing comfortable women’s shoes for sensitive feet and special shoes for insoles.

The company offers a range of models that are cutting edge in terms of design and innovative in terms of the incorporation of solutions to enhance footwear comfort, all manufactured with the very highest quality materials.

One of the most important features of Alviflex footwear comes from their lasts, which have a special capacity that lets them adjust perfectly to the specific conditions and problems of each foot. The brand covers a wide range of widths, from width 13 to 16, as well as heights. This unique feature facilitates the incorporation of orthopedic insoles which are ideal for sensitive feet. Precisely with these feet in mind, Alviflex uses soles and blocks made with the lightest and most flexible materials that effectively absorb the impact of the sole of the foot on the floor.

Moreover, as well as focusing on the technical features of our comfortable shoes, Alviflex pays close attention to the design, adapting our range of comfort footwear and shoes for insoles to the latest fashions of each season. Our aim is to develop a range of products that are not only healthy but also modern, wearable and easy to combine with different styles of clothing.