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Prepayment explained

Prepayment explained

We have implemented a prepay policy since June 2020. This was one of the many policies we utilised to combat the spread of Covid within our clinics. It turned out, along with other policies to be a very effective measure in combating cross infection

The rationale at the time was to minimise the handling of cash which would minimise cross infection and also to reduce the length of time a patient would spend in the waiting room.

The by product of patients paying in advance was the huge reduction in what we call DNAS or no shows.

No show appointments are incredibly wasteful in very busy practices. They deny someone with an acute problem quicker access to treatment.

Most people have congratulated us on what a good idea this policy was and have supported prepayment enthusiastically.

We intend continuing to implement prepayment as it has reduced phenomenally the no show scenario which is wasteful financially and denies those patient resolution quickly to very painful problems.

We don’t intend to antagonise patients with prepayment but as the owner of our clinics I intend to implement it fully but with understanding for those few people who do not have access to credit/debit cards.

Thank you for your understanding

Donal Hayes

Lead Podiatrist.