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Late Arrival

Late Arrival Policy

At Hayes Podiatrist we pride ourselves in offering you personalized care and reserve appointment times to accommodate your needs. Late arrivals, create a gap in our Podiatrist’s schedule. These are appointments that could have been utilized to offer care to another patient.

Late Arrivals:

At Hayes Podiatrist’s, patients who arrive late will be asked to reschedule their appointment

There are three valid reasons for this.

1. We want to give you the best possible treatment. This cannot be achieved in a lesser appointment time.

2. It is not fair on the patients who arrive on time after your appointment, as invariably they will be seen late.

3. It’s not fair on the staff that work at the clinic and at no fault of their own, are left negotiating
with you and performing a rushed treatment that they are not happy with.

We will not see patients who are late but we will make every effort to accommodate them with a new appointment.
You may ask how late is too late. Any time after your appointed time is too late. We will not see late comers.

Yours sincerely

Donal Hayes,
Hayes & Associates.