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Maria Brennan

Hi, my name is Maria and I recently a recently qualified as a podiatrist with a Bachelor of Science degree from NUI Galway. I am enthusiastic to be joining Hayes & Associates as I begin my career.
So far, I have already learned so much, and my confidence and skills have enhanced substantially.
Throughout my degree, I completed over 1,000 hours of training in both HSE and private clinical settings, and gained skills and knowledge in all aspects of caring for the lower limb.
A native of rural County Galway, I am excited to be starting a new chapter, and to be living and working in the capital city.
I also have experience working in other parts of the country, in Galway, Limerick and South Dublin.
While I have substantial experience in podiatry and chiropody, I also have experience in retail and customer service, and I always have a friendly approach.
I am committed to delivering the best quality of foot care while also ensuring all patients’ needs are catered for.
I am especially passionate about biomechanics, which includes anatomy and physiology of the legs and feet, carrying out assessments, giving appropriate footwear advice, and prescribing corrective stretches and orthotics.
I am delighted to have the opportunity to apply the skills I have developed, and enhance them further as a new member of the Hayes team.