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Making a difference in people’s lives

I really enjoy making a difference in people’s lives

In this article Marisa Murray reflects on her first year working as a podiatrist with Hayes and Associates.

As we see the summer come to an end, we welcome October as another busy month for our podiatry clinics. Today, marks my one-year anniversary working with Hayes and Associates. It also marks my first year working as a podiatrist after graduating in 2018 from NUI Galway. The clinics have been consistently busy since I have started which has allowed me to gain invaluable experience from the get-go.

I have discovered over the past year, that as a podiatrist, no day is ever the same. Day to day, patients present with various problems where it is my job to gather information, make a diagnosis and then form a treatment / management plan. The aim is to hopefully come up with a solution to that presenting problem. It can be challenging and involves problem solving which keeps my mind busy. This means my day is varied and interesting. I work alongside other healthcare professionals such as GPS, public health nurses and orthopaedic surgeons whom I refer people to if I feel its necessary.

The podiatry profession appeals to me on many levels as it involves working with people of all ages on a one to one basis. The job ultimately makes a big difference in a person’s quality of life. I get huge satisfaction in taking peoples pain away. One small intervention can often take that pain away on the spot. Not many other health care professionals can provide this instant relief. Patient education is also a big part of my job. Appropriate footwear is discussed with patients very regularly. I find it rewarding when a patient feels empowered to look after themselves after listening to my advice.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year working as a podiatrist with Hayes and Associates. I feel I have become a well-established member of the practice and now have my regular patients, many who I have built a great relationship with. I am lucky to be part of a team of experienced podiatrists who willingly share their knowledge and expertise to allow me to keep learning and progress in my profession.